Property Valuations

The simplest report is a straightforward Valuation Report for, amongst other things, probate, shared ownership, taxation or matrimonial purposes. A Valuation Report is not a condition report. It will include the following information:-

  1. A brief description of the property and its amenities.
  2. Basic details of its construction.
  3. Its gross external floor area.
  4. Whether it has suffered any significant structural movement.
  5. Any other matter which will have a significant effect upon its value.
  6. Its open market value (as defined)

We are RICS Registered Valuersand all valuations are undertaken in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Valuation – Professional Standards 2014, (the Red Book) and International Valuation Standards, where applicable, in all respects.

The Terms of Engagement for Valuations which defines the Valuation service can be seen here